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County Monaghan
Ulster Monaghan is in the traditional province of Ulster in northeastern Ireland. County Monaghan, like Cavan was brought into the Republic of Ireland when the island was divided in 1921, although historically it had close ties to the counties of Northern Ireland as part of the Province of Ulster.

Geographically the county is composed of rolling hills and a fertile plain.The county's countryside is covered with small hills called drumlins, which are piles of rock and soil that were carried along and then dropped by glaciers in the Ice Age.

It is largely an agricultural area, with oats, hay, potatoes, flax, and livestock the major products.

Most of Monaghan's towns were designed by Scottish planters or built by English settlers after the Cromwellian war.

The settlers built up successful farming and linen industries despite the difficulties of farming between the drumlins, and farming is still the county's primary industry.

The town of Carrickmacross is famous for its intricate traditional handmade lace.