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County Offaly
Ulster The River Shannon flows along most of the western border, the Slieve Bloom Mountains rise to 518 m (1700 ft) in the southwest., and the Bog of Allen covers the northeast of County Offaly.

Peat is produced here. Dried peat, often compressed into briquettes, is used in many European countries, particularly Ireland, as a fuel, although it is not as efficient as coal because of its large content of water and ash.

Farming is the chief occupation, with wheat and barley being the dominant crops. Furniture, shoes, textiles, processed foods, and whiskey are important industrial products.

The width of the county is crossed by the Grand Canal. Danish raths, or hill fortresses, and remains of ancient churches and monasteries are among the points of interest.

Part of the kingdom of Offaly in ancient Ireland, the area was known as King's County from 1556 until the Irish Free State was established in 1922.