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Government of The Republic of Ireland
Parliamentary Committees

The Houses of the Oireachtas also operate through a system of parliamentary committees.

The Committees on Procedure and Privileges and of Selection of each House and the Joint (D�il and Seanad) Services Committee deal with the efficient running of the Houses.

The D�il Committee of Public Accounts and the Joint Committee on Commercial State-sponsored Bodies are concerned with the functions of Parliament relating to public spending and the monitoring of State-sponsored bodies.

The D�il Select Committees on Social Affairs, Finance and General Affairs, Enterprise and Economic Strategy, Legislation and Security and the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs deal with some of the functions of the Oireachtas in relation to legislation.

Committees dealing with specialised subjects include the Joint Committee on Women's Rights and An Comhchoiste don Ghaeilge (Joint Committee on the Irish language).

The Committees of Selection (of each House) nominate members to serve on their respective committees and have the power to discharge such members from time to time for non-attendance or at their own request, and they have the power to appoint other members to replace those discharged.

The Broadcasting Control Committee is responsible for televising Oireachtas proceedings.

The Committee on Members Interests, the purpose of which is self explanatory.