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Castles of Ireland
Almost anywhere you go in Ireland you can find a pile of ruble that was once a castle. Often times even a wall or two remain to give one an idea of the former structure.

Placed randomly amoung the ruins you will sometimes come across a complete structure that over the years has had some upkeep but may not be a place you would want (or be able)to live.

Then there are the medievial jewels - the castles that have either been continuously occupied over the ages or those that have been lovingly restored.

Some have been restored only to the point of their former stature but more and more have been updated with heating, plumbing and modern features that you would find in any home.

Many are open to the public for viewing, some offer entertainment. Others offer rooms by the night and a few allow you to book the entire castle for a week or more.

The list you find here is by no means complete but it will give any castle lover a good start exploring Ireland's castles.