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  It costs less to fly to Ireland from the US than to fly to many places within the US such as New York to Dallas.

  The total cost of a trip to Ireland, including air fare, is less than a trip to Disney World.

  Irish monks in Europe brought enlightenment to Europe during the Dark Ages when barbarians descended on the Roman Empire, destroying European culture.

  The rosary and it's use originated in Ireland Click Here to see why.

  Petroglyphs of ogham writings have been found in West Virginia and New Mexico. The translations of this ancient mode of writing reveal a fervor in spreading Christ's word. St Brendan's accounting of his voyage in "Navagatio Brendani" of the 7th century seems to have been an account based on reality making him the first to discover America. Read "America B.C." by Barry Fell - Simon & Schuster Pocket Books.

  The largest dog in the world, known as the gentle giant, is the Irish Wolfhound

  Dracula, or at least his creator, Bram Stoker, was Irish.

  The symbol of the Union Jack represents Three crosses 1) St Andrews for Scotland (free) 2) St George for England and 3) St Patrick for Ireland. Wales is combined with that of England's St George.

  The modern submarine was invented by John Philip Holland, County Clare. The Fenians (those fighting to liberate themselves from John Bull) provided the funds for this effort.

  Lincoln's Teacher was a Riney, of the Catholic faith. Riney is a name peculiar to Co. Kerry, Ireland. Oral historians have it that they were formerly of the O'Neill clan. Brought to America by Lord Baltimore. Their ancestors were to later escape the persecution and Protestant outrages that resulted after the American Revolution was won. They were forced to flee down the Ohio River. Some of them "took the shilling" and became Protestant to survive.

  Some Irish born folks: Wilde, Becket, Shaw, Yeats, Patraic Pearse, Bram Stoker, Kitchener, O'Casey, Behan, Victor Herbert, Goldsmith, Edmund Burke, George Berkeley, Jonathan Swift and others too numerous to mention.

  Cedric Gibbons designer of the "Oscar", an Irish-American who may have been born in Dublin, Ireland. He was a former chief of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Art department.

  Augustus St Gaudens, famous American sculptor was Irish-born. Some of his work product involved the Sherman monument at the entrance to Central Park, the Shaw Memorial in Boston of Negro soldiers contributions and coins and on. His mother like Marconi's were Irish-born ladies.

  Wellington, Britain's hero, was Irish-born. He was descended from an ancient Irish family named Cooley. A massive mural of their hero is prominently displayed in the House Of Lords along with the four country standard, a mural representing the UK member countries of England, Wales Scotland and IRELAND.