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The Island of Ireland
The island of Ireland is 84,288 sq km (32,544 sq. mi.) divided in to two separate countries which encompass four historical provinces that are further divided into a total of 32 counties. It is about the size of South Carolina and would fit in Texas a little over 8 times.

There are two northern and southern Irelands: geographical and political. The geographical areas of the island of Ireland are north (Ulster), the east (Leinster), the west (Connacht) and the south (Munster). The entire island is divided into these four provinces which are further divided into 32 counties.

The island is politically divided into two countries. Northern Ireland, consisting of 6 counties in Ulster and politically part of Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland, or the south, made up of the other 26 counties, 3 of which are in Ulster.

You can visit beautiful northern Ireland on the northwest side of the island and still be in the Republic or visit Northern Ireland and enjoy the beauty of the northeast part of the island. To confuse things a little more, the most northerly point of the island is part of the south (Republic) of Ireland.