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The Climate of Ireland
Influenced by the Gulf Stream and with the prevailing winds predominantly from the south-west, the climate is equable and temperatures are fairly uniform over the whole country.

The coldest months are January and February with mean daily air temperatures of between 4C and 7C.

July and August are normally the warmest (14C to 16C) of the year.

May and June are the sunniest months, averaging 5 to 7 hours of sunshine per day. Since this is the time students are supposed to be studying for final exams beautiful weather is almost guaranteed

In low-lying areas average annual rainfall is mostly between 800 and 1200mm (31" to 47") but ranges from less than 750mm (30") in some eastern areas to 1500mm (59") in parts of the west.

In mountainous areas annual rainfall may exceed 2000mm (79").

The rains are responsible for the brilliant green grass of the "Emerald Isle," and for the large stretches of peat bog, a source of valuable fuel.