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Irish Recipes
Many countries have very distictive foods or tastes associated with them such as the spicy foods of India and Mexico or escargo (snails) of France. Even American has some very distinctive foods that no matter where in the world you are they are identified as American such as the hamburger.

The only way I can think to label traditional Irish food is good, farm style home cooking. Hearty soups and stews, home made breads and of course lots of potatoes, often prepared several ways with one meal.

Many common foods found on Irish tables are things you would not normally think of as Irish, such as lasagne, altered to Irish tastes. Where in America a dinner of lasagne would most apt be served with a green salad of some sort, in Ireland it is commonly served with a plate of chips (french fries).

There are many foods here that would seem to be familiar but taste (and sometimes look) very different to what we would expect because they are the Irish version altered to local tastes or availability locally of ingredients.

Once in a while the reverse is true such as with corned beef and cabbage. In Ireland it is called bacon and cabbage and is a salted joint of bacon where in the states for some reason it has become a brisket of beef marinated in brine and seasoned. In the end both taste very similar even though one is beef and the other pork. Both are served with boiled cabbage, carrots and potatoes.