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Castles of Ireland
Castles, stone towers, walls and other fortifications can be found all over Ireland. Some have been lovingly restored and others lie in ruin, a broken mass of ruble the only testament to their former greatness and importance.

Castles in Ireland were not elaborate dwellings of royalty. While it is true most were owned by the heads of clans, kings or titled English gentry, they were fortified dwellings, for protection against raids and invaders. The vikings extended the concept of fortified enclosures for protection by building walls around entire villages or towns with towers set in the walls at intervals to watch for enemies.

One thing you will notice, especially if you are American, is that the castles for the most part are not as big as you expect them to be. They are dark since windows were few and just large enough so the inhabitants could see who might be approaching and to defend the castle. The rooms are small so that the small fire might at least keep the bitterest cold and damp at bay. A few have a great hall and many have their own chapel.

Many of the pictures and the information on the various castles have been sent to me. In most cases I have no way to verify if there are copyrights on any text or images.

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I would like to especially thank Patrick Larkin of Castles of Ireland for the pictures, information and general help with the castles of Galway along with James Moats, owner of Castles on The Web, for the use of his pictures and information on Irish Castles and Shannon Development in Ireland for historical information and pictures of several other castles.