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County Donegal
Ulster One of the most beautiful areas of Ireland is the Northwest of the island, especially County Donegal. The name Donegal comes from the Irish 'Dun na nGall' meaning fort of the foreigner.

Donegal is the northernmost county in the Republic of Ireland and of the entire island of Ireland, bounded on the north and west by the Atlantic Ocean and inland by mountains. Donegal is unsurpassed in the natural beauty of its coast and windswept peninsulas, precipitous cliffs and golden beaches that rival any in Europe. Blanket bogs, now rare in the world, cover much of the county along with with many small lakes and rivers. Numerous islands lie off the long and deeply indented shoreline of the county.

Donegal has been occupied by humans for over 9,000 years and is renowned for its history and archaeology. Pre-Christian farmers left tomb monuments which still dot the county, while evidence of Viking settlements can be seen in Raphoe and Donegal town.

The soil is not fertile but small crops of barley and wheat are grown in cultivated areas. About 35 percent of the land is in pasture. Cattle, sheep, and poultry are raised extensively.

The chief manufactured goods are linens, muslins, woolens, and tweeds including the well-known Donegal homespun.