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County Wicklow
Leinster Wicklow is a scenic and mountainous county on the east coast of Ireland just south of Dublin. The Liffey and Slaney rivers rise within the county.

The county now has economy based mainly on tourism, livestock production, and dairying. Wheat, barley, oats, and potatoes are main crops. Granite and slate are quarried, and lead, copper, iron, and pyrites are mined.

The dominant feature of the terrain is the Wicklow Mountains and their foothills; the highest summit is Lugnaquillia (926 m/3039 ft). The rugged, heather-clad Wicklow Mountains, a refuge for Irish rebels in the past, are a popular subject for artists. The county's interesting ruins and many deep glens, which are noted for their beauty, attract many tourists.

Wicklow was organized as a county in 1606.